Conceptronic HVA 70 Reflow Oven – Used Working Condition


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Used Magazine Loader by Simplimatic Automation. In working condition.

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Used Convection Reflow oven in working condition, Conceptronic HVA 70. E/W 67 AMP EL: 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 440 Volts Dimensions: 115″ x 24″ x 3′

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Conceptronic HVA 70 Reflow Oven Model Information:

CONCEPTRONIC HVA 70 is a fully programmable reflow oven for medium to high-volume production. It features an intuitive 4.3-inch touchscreen display, which allows for easy access to the oven’s powerful features.

HVA 70 features a robust 80 watt ventilation system, allowing for the quick and efficient evacuation of excess heat. CONCEPTRONIC HVA 70 also features a four-stage temperature profile and manual temperature adjustment, allowing you to tailor the oven’s output to the material. Utilizing hot air convection, HVA 70 is capable of operating at temperatures up to 320°C (608°F), with a cycling time of just 14 minutes. With an innovative infrared heating element, it allows for rapid and efficient reflow of solder pastes and advanced solder alloys. An adjustable airflow feature allows for precise control of convective heat transfer, ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout the reflow process. HVA 70 is constructed from stainless steel and features an enclosed heating chamber for enhanced temperature insulation. A heating chamber of 12″x24″ allows the majority of PCB components to be soldered in a single pass.

CONCEPTRONIC HVA 70 also features active cooling. This allows for a quick cool down of the reflow chamber once it reaches the desired temperature. HVA 70 includes unique safety features, such as an auto shut off and fault detection system to ensure absolute operator safety through the reflow process. In addition, the spacious viewing window allows users to view the state of the process at any time. CONCEPTRONIC HVA 70 is a well-designed, rugged and reliable machine, capable of tackling a variety of reflow needs. With its advanced features and powerful output, HVA 70 is an ideal choice for medium to high volume production settings.

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