2010 MIRTEC MV-3L 2D PCB AOI Machine


6000 USD obo

Mirtec MV-3L 2D PCB AOI Machine. In good working condition.

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Mirtec MV-3L 2D PCB AOI Machine

SN: 13100524-0524

DOM: 24 MAY 2010
2D Inspection
Power: 85-264V / 4.4A / 50-60 Hz
INSPECTION AREA: 450 x 400 mm
INSPECTION ITEMS: Lifted Lead, Lifted Components, Bridge, Wrong Component, Excessvie Solder, Insufficient Solder, Open Solder, Missing Component, Misalignment, Skew Component, Polarity,
T ombstone, Flipped Components,Incorrect Component (OCR Recognition), Pad Scratch, Solder Balls, Lifted Components under QFP/BGA Package (laser Option)

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