TRI AOI Machine TR7550 2012

2012 TRI AOI Machine. Used, in excellent condition. Scroll down for more details of the machine.

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2012 TRI AOI Machine TR7550. Used, in excellent condition.

The TR7550 automatic optical inspection machine uses TRI’s dynamic imaging technology to avoid vibrations such as stop-and-go imaging and provide more accurate and stable Inspection before and after the furnace, it is equipped with a top-view 3-CCD color camera and four tilt-angle cameras to optimize the test coverage. With a multi-area and highly flexible RGB+W color light source system, and a low-angle light source design, it can provide a better detection solution for polarity and black components, and it can be used for small components on lead-free and traditional assembled circuit boards. 01005 And provide more accurate and stable detection capabilities.

This model can be hand loaded but it also has an integrated conveyor system.

TR7550 features:

1. High-speed online color AOI has complete inspection coverage

2. Accurate 3-CCD color camera can detect 01005 tiny components

3. Advanced RGB+W light source setting system can improve the detection power of tin and punctuation

4. X-Y platform of linear motor provides accurate detection without vibration

Contact us for more information or pricing.
Phone: 1-416-578-8070 or Email: [email protected]

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