FKN Systek 3000 Depanelizer



The K3000 manual linear blade depanelizer is designed for singulating longer boards and scored PCBs with skip routed sections. Simply place the scored section on the linear blade and pull the circular blade carriage across the top of the scoreline to split the panels. The top circular blade can be adjusted up and down to provide a cutting gap most suitable for the panel being singulated. Standard setting is to close the gap to the point where a piece of paper placed on the linear blade will cause the circular blade to rotate when traveling across the linear blade.

The K3000 is available in a standard 18″ linear blade version and in a long 24″ linear blade version for extra long PCB panels. Blades are flat on one side with a tapered profile on the other, as illustrated below. For panels with high components close to the edge of the board, (ie. wire wrap or connector pins), the blades are available in a thin edge version.

Size: HWD 17″ x 27″ x 12″. (431x685x 304 mm)
Weight: K3000 = 45 lbs


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